Indifferently Evil

Wow they're so Evil... and Indifferent

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If the bear is regular we'll have the answer to an age old question ...

Second time the cyborg bear has appeared! That makes it a
regular, I think.

Man! Humphrey B. Bear looks different outside work!

Love the expression on Kara in the second frame! I'd have to wonder if all the crazy zombie noises would get distracting.

Ba-dum, TISH!

some reader
looks like Phil got Succ'd in

Glad to be of service.

Professor Etheric
I am torn between "icky-ick!" and "BWAHAHAHA HAHA"...

...which seems about normal when I red this comic! XD


Phil I really did once give a friend a drink like that. He drank it. He was an odd chap.

Kipfler Hooray the site is finally up. Happy birthday Max, hope you like your presents. Yeah, yeah I know the site is ugly (and incomplete), but it is now on teh intarwebz.
PS We need to fix up the size of the comics

Max I drew a lot of this comic, trying to get the style right, the words clear and the lines smooth. I failed a lot. If anyone would like to give me pointer in how to get my sexy looking pics on page into sexy looking pics on puter, drop us a line.
I am never gonna be happy with my drawings.