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Wow they're so Evil... and Indifferent

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some reader
godspeed, you two. Ad Astra!

Another reader
Thank you for the nutty fun, will be following the spiffing tales most certainly.

Nwah!! Thanks for all the insanity, violence, terrible jokes, bananas, occasional birthday cake, shits and giggles.
Full steam ahead!!

Hey! I have nothing to do with it! Besides, enough citric acid cuts even the defense!

You let Kipfler near a cocktail shaker... and then you *drank* it?
Thank Fod for Adelaide water giving the stomach a nice calcium carbonate barrier!

I know it's Tuesday. I'm still waiting too.

At long last, the return of the bananas! More aggressive than I remember, but I suppose we have been skinning and eating them for long enough, so we're overdue for a revenge attack

ha ha ha i love those kind of jokes


Max Pain in the ass comic! I somehow managed to close it with the first panel done without saving it, then I managed to ink half of it while on the pencil layer, which means start inking all over again! Then I got drunk doing the last panel, so I kinda went overboard with the detail. so when I sobered up to ink it, I had my work cut out for me. Ah well, life goes on.

Anyways, How about a competition with a crappy prize? All you have to do is email us a list of all the geeky references in this page. The one who has recognised where the most of the references come from will get to hae some sort of say in a future comic! This mean you could have your name, badly caracturised face, favourite subject matter (please don't be me being nude, you really don't want that!) or whatever in a comic. Just email us the list with what you desire at the bottom and we will see if we can make it come true!

(*Disclaimer* - There are a few things we WON'T do, such as hardcore porn, especially of the illegal, icky nature (involving animals and such) so the creators of the comic may veto some suggestions, sorry!)

Kipfler Needs more worship