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Wow they're so Evil... and Indifferent

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some reader
godspeed, you two. Ad Astra!

Another reader
Thank you for the nutty fun, will be following the spiffing tales most certainly.

Nwah!! Thanks for all the insanity, violence, terrible jokes, bananas, occasional birthday cake, shits and giggles.
Full steam ahead!!

Hey! I have nothing to do with it! Besides, enough citric acid cuts even the defense!

You let Kipfler near a cocktail shaker... and then you *drank* it?
Thank Fod for Adelaide water giving the stomach a nice calcium carbonate barrier!

I know it's Tuesday. I'm still waiting too.

At long last, the return of the bananas! More aggressive than I remember, but I suppose we have been skinning and eating them for long enough, so we're overdue for a revenge attack

ha ha ha i love those kind of jokes


Max Yikes! 150 comics! As a bonus we have updated the site with pretty shinys! These took me all frikkin week to draw, because I realised way too late that 150 was coming up.
So have a stroll around! Marvel at the new characters page! Quake in pleasure at the new buttons!
Oh yeah, And enjoy the extra-large slightly coloured comic.Send us your throughts or suggestions! The contact us button is over there on the right, and perhaps soon we may get a shoutbox, so you can send us quick messages direct!

Phil I do hope you all enjoy the redesigned site, we have all worked hard to update it over the last week.

And by "we", I mean Max and Kipfler.

Although I did strain an arm muscle lifting a celebratory glass of wine after my 5 minutes hard work on the character descriptions. It really hurts too. I'll have to masturbate left handed for a few days at least.

Kipfler It is done. I spent literally HOURS making these changes.
Max is mean, he made me do work on a public holiday when I could be drinking beer and attempting to play computer games :(

Also as previously stated, I'll see if I can get a shoutbox comment thing done sometime this week. Have to get something for the big 151 to show we're not cool.

Kipfler Comic 152 is even less cool than 151 right?