Indifferently Evil

Wow they're so Evil... and Indifferent

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Two way wormholes are ideal ALMOST all the time.

Prof. Etheric
But two-way is more fun! (Mad science mess-ups are ALWAYS

I actually censored the first 5 things I thought of. And given
what we put in this comic, that should tell you something.

Prof. Etheric
50... Shades... of HAY?!?!?

GROAN! (But in a good way!)

some reader
can I have something else? I don't have room in my house for that
much porn

Bravo. You win the internet.

some reader
I'm only here for the strips

Our next game is scenes from a hat. First up ... things you can say about your web-comic, but not your wife.


Phil The next problem was what to do about the hole. Fortunately, I always have plenty of wine-corks lying around.

Kipfler I always wondered why they seemed to insist on leaving those buttons and switches in the room right at the front. That's just asking for a click and attempt at a quick getaway.

Phil, don't forget the duct tape over the cork ;)

Max Does anyone actually read these?

Max Oh, and this is actually based on a true story. Except it wasn't me that pushed the button, I just told the angry nerds where to find the guy that did.