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Wow they're so Evil... and Indifferent

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Bravo. You win the internet.

some reader
I'm only here for the strips

Our next game is scenes from a hat. First up ... things you can say about your web-comic, but not your wife.

some reader
Greetings, Sam! welcome to whose line is it anyway where ...
wait.... that's not right, what's my line again?

Just 'sharp'. 'Sharper' implies it already has some level of
And hello, Sam, welcome aboard.

some reader
maybe now Phil's wit will be a little sharper

I love that you left it a mystery. :)

some Reader
there's a joke about being robbed there somewhere


Max This comic is a little pink. This was used to show the type of kitchen Kipfler's mum has.

I don't think the colours are necessary on this one, but I coloured it in anyway.

When you read this I will be heading off to a tropical island resort for a week. I have already drawn the next comic, it's not gonna be late (unless Kipfler stuffs it up) so don't worry about that.

Just bragging :)

Phil I'm also on holidays at the moment, spending 2 weeks in sunny California ...
hmm, 2 weeks, that's longer than 1, right?