Indifferently Evil

Wow they're so Evil... and Indifferent

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Hahaha, confusing them for cosplayers... we've all been there.

There is no comic yet. Presumably the cricket resulted in grievous injuries again.

She was wearing a yellow sleeve there, but took it off to
stand on the ground, of course.

some reader
how can I notice it if it's invisible?

Anwyn II
Anyone else notice Aiko's transparent arm in the first panel?

Dammit, I didn't see any when I was there last Halloween. But where else could I find ... TO THE INTERNET!

Costume shop in the USA, Halloween time.

Anwyn, where did you get it?!


Max This comic is a little pink. This was used to show the type of kitchen Kipfler's mum has.

I don't think the colours are necessary on this one, but I coloured it in anyway.

When you read this I will be heading off to a tropical island resort for a week. I have already drawn the next comic, it's not gonna be late (unless Kipfler stuffs it up) so don't worry about that.

Just bragging :)

Phil I'm also on holidays at the moment, spending 2 weeks in sunny California ...
hmm, 2 weeks, that's longer than 1, right?