Indifferently Evil

Wow they're so Evil... and Indifferent

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some reader
godspeed, you two. Ad Astra!

Another reader
Thank you for the nutty fun, will be following the spiffing tales most certainly.

Nwah!! Thanks for all the insanity, violence, terrible jokes, bananas, occasional birthday cake, shits and giggles.
Full steam ahead!!

Hey! I have nothing to do with it! Besides, enough citric acid cuts even the defense!

You let Kipfler near a cocktail shaker... and then you *drank* it?
Thank Fod for Adelaide water giving the stomach a nice calcium carbonate barrier!

I know it's Tuesday. I'm still waiting too.

At long last, the return of the bananas! More aggressive than I remember, but I suppose we have been skinning and eating them for long enough, so we're overdue for a revenge attack

ha ha ha i love those kind of jokes


Max Ok, so this was originally half of a full comic, but the thought of drawing that much for one comic was too much, so I cut it in half. If you don't like the punchline, blame me. All other times you can blame Phil. And if you don't like the pictures, blame... someone else.

Phil How dare you split my comic in twain! I shall smite thee where you stand, I shall .... actually, it kinda works better this way. Proceed.

Fodd Mua Ha Ha!! Signs of a great scientist! And any evidence of me accidentally doing something like this (possibly also involving night-vision goggles) were obviously made up. Probably by Phil. Yeah, I'd blame Phil.