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Wow they're so Evil... and Indifferent

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Aha! Mostly caught up now I think. :) It was really neat to see
you working on this page, Argyle! It turned out really neat.
I wonder how a battle with that many legos would end up though.

Somethings are worth coming back for.

That's one of those you never really consider with nudity...what will wild life do with
your exposed bits? :D
Awesome VDSD entry!

That is a seriously disturbing statue. Happy VDSD!

I'm not sure if Max is still unaware of Kara's psychotic
nature, or if he is just letting it happen.

Professor Etheric
Oh, Kara... you creepy, creepy psycho, how we love you!

some reader
well that wasn't a very knife thing to do, was it?

And thanks for the nice comments!


Max Okay, next week's comic will be a little bit different. In fact, there will be SEVEN comics, one each day, the final being on Christmas itself. For those of you that have a callendar, this doesn't quite add up. So we will start on Saturday (or Friday, if I get a title page done too), and will post one page per day.

It is a fun little Christmas story, not like our usual format at all.