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Wow they're so Evil... and Indifferent

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some reader
godspeed, you two. Ad Astra!

Another reader
Thank you for the nutty fun, will be following the spiffing tales most certainly.

Nwah!! Thanks for all the insanity, violence, terrible jokes, bananas, occasional birthday cake, shits and giggles.
Full steam ahead!!

Hey! I have nothing to do with it! Besides, enough citric acid cuts even the defense!

You let Kipfler near a cocktail shaker... and then you *drank* it?
Thank Fod for Adelaide water giving the stomach a nice calcium carbonate barrier!

I know it's Tuesday. I'm still waiting too.

At long last, the return of the bananas! More aggressive than I remember, but I suppose we have been skinning and eating them for long enough, so we're overdue for a revenge attack

ha ha ha i love those kind of jokes


Max Well, this equals my last serious attempt at a webcomic - "The Agent" which is currently being used as an incentive comic over in (have YOU voted yet???)

As a little dedication - this one goes to Travis. He is the first person not family or friend who has contacted us to give positive news. You made my week.

From now on I am going to attempt to get the comics out every Monday at least. If I start speeding things up I may do more than one (I will be on holidays soon...) I am the thing slowing the comic down - Phil has given me lots already to draw. So blame... him still. I don't need the aggravation :).

Phil If Max manages to speed up his drawing to the point it overtakes my writing ... well, I guess I'll just start blatantly ripping off Penny Arcade or something.