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Wow they're so Evil... and Indifferent

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some reader
godspeed, you two. Ad Astra!

Another reader
Thank you for the nutty fun, will be following the spiffing tales most certainly.

Nwah!! Thanks for all the insanity, violence, terrible jokes, bananas, occasional birthday cake, shits and giggles.
Full steam ahead!!

Hey! I have nothing to do with it! Besides, enough citric acid cuts even the defense!

You let Kipfler near a cocktail shaker... and then you *drank* it?
Thank Fod for Adelaide water giving the stomach a nice calcium carbonate barrier!

I know it's Tuesday. I'm still waiting too.

At long last, the return of the bananas! More aggressive than I remember, but I suppose we have been skinning and eating them for long enough, so we're overdue for a revenge attack

ha ha ha i love those kind of jokes


Kipfler Why do all zombie summoning rituals involve some sort of magic totem or book? Couldn't they all just get up because they were bored or something? OK, bad idea.

It would also appear that Max belives Dr Harry is dead. Or that he is a zombie veterinarian. I like that second option.

Max Ok, as incentive for people to vote for us over at buzzcomix (that button on the right which will cost you NOTHING but a minute or so to vote for us) you can see a silly sketch I did which is both sexy and disturbing for Easter. For one week only, so vote, vote, vote!

Now on to those headstone names (I know you are curious!) I debated long and hard about who to put on the headstones so no one would be upset. Finally I decided on characters from the George Romero zombie movies. But then most of them only had first names. So then I decided on the actors names! Then thought this may be distasteful to someone. So I made it a mixture of the two and totally incomprehensible to anyone trying to get any possible 'joke'.

I got to think about these things less...

Phil I always take my dog to a zombie vet. He's good with stitches, and my little pup really loves his dog treats ....